Monday, 28 December 2009

Girls with fake lips- LET US LAUGH:DD

As an ex hard core partying girl I have witnessed too many cases of the horrific scary trout pout,
that certain girls seem to be proud of. Seriously though...WTF?! Do they honestly think that by injecting stuff into their lips , making them an envy of the poutiest fish , they will attract better men or make themselves more popular on a social scene? These 'ladies' walk around, head higher then the sky itself , trully thinking they are better then us mortal people, they expect to be treated like the queens and probably dream about marrying their own prince on a Maybach with mink seat covers one day. Ok whatever people , lool, enjoy and good night :)) xx

Front Row

The sexy Balmain

I can not stress this enough how much I am in love with Balmain. Each season its just getting better. Edgy, sexy, rich , perfect for the hardcore partying this winter holidays ;) Notice how the materials clash, just what I love! We have denim + leather+silk+wool. Amazing. Incredibly hot yet so stylish.

Liven up the black

By adding a light piece you completely change the look making it softer. On the left: Dior glasses,
Dior mink jacket, Hermes belt, Lagerfeld cashmere tunic. On the right: Milan Fashion Week, Armani, wearing Lagerfeld tunic, Chanel bag

Givenchy 2010


 I like the tailored vests mixed with futuristic latex pants and leather skirts with sensual silks

Alexander Wang PF 10

Black is everything

Wearing Dolce and Gabbana men's jacket, Jitrois leather pants,
Dior glasses